Is Kundali Matching Significant for Love Marriages?

Typically all Indian weddings revolve around the matching of Kundlis. The traditional approach of matching Kundlis to match gunas and find out compatibility ranges back to a period when Vedic rituals were at their peaks. With arranged marriages sticking to kundli matching to eliminate the list of possible brides or grooms, there's a different case with love marriages where the partners have already chosen one another. Whereas Kundli matching provides an insight into the compatibility of a pair, the question that stands to haunt is what if the Kundlis of two lovers don't match. Then what?

What happens in the process of Kundali matching?

The process of Kundali matching involves the matching of horoscopes of both the bride and the groom. In the Kundali matching, the main task comes to that of the ashta-koota matching that considers 36 gunas among both the horoscopes. If 18 or more gunas match, it makes for a yes when it comes to a nod to the marriage. The matching of twenty-five to thirty-two gunas is the perfect match for couples considering marriage. Anything below the 18 guna match is considered to be unfit for marriage.

Additionally, there are also ten matches that are considered during the horoscope matching:

  • Dhina portham
  • Gana porutham
  • Mahendra porutham
  • Sthree Dheerkam
  • Yoni porutham
  • Rasi porutham
  • Rasi athipathi porutham
  • Vasiya porutham
  • Rajju porutham
  • Vethai porutham

Things that modern matching miss out to enhance flexibility.

In this day of modern ideologies sweeping the world, not all marriages come from the arranged marriage sphere. To add more flexibility to such couples and to deem their marriage as a successful one, while the ashta-koota points are matched, several crucial factors like the quality of marriage life, planetary positions, the lifespan of the bride or groom, and the promise of wards in the amalgamation of the horoscopes are ignored by most astrologers. For instance, some combinations like afflicted 7th house and Venus and connection of the Lords of the 6th and 7th houses from the moon and birth horoscopes can be indicative of something negative for the couple in the future.

Is it necessary to match Kundali when it's a love marriage?

The matching of the ashta-koota when the two people look forward to venturing into an arranged marriage is a must. Given that the couple doesn't know each other, a variety of their issues are matched via the kundli matching as the likes of the compatibility of their nature, tendencies, sexual abilities, attitudes, and so on to check if they're the match made in heaven. But when people have been knowing each other for years and have decided to commit for a lifetime, there is mostly no need of having the Kundali matched. Even if they decide to do so, the matching if goes well and fine, then it's a cherry on the cake. Even if it doesn't, it mustn't have any effect on the couple's decision to tie the knot.

There's an essence of relationships:

Relationships are built of trust, love, compatibility, respect, support, faith, and every great value that pulls two individuals closer to one another. If the Kundali turns out to be an inconsistent match, forcing the marriages just on the pretext of Kundlis can never ensure happiness. If the lovers decide to go ahead despite the preaching of the Kundali, then the end result of their marriage rests solely on their karma.

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VISA Credit Card Generator, 100% Valid Details

If you have a credit card then it is an obvious thing that you will have to pay the credit card bill that the end of the month. But sometimes the credit card companies offer you a 1 or 2 percent cashback or discount in the total bill. So, you again end up saving some extra amount of money. This is a great way to save money but only if you could make a budget and manage your transactions.

Get Online Visa Credit card Numbers With our visa credit card generator. Easily Generate Fake visa credit cards with cvv details and also with a fake details expiration date, number and name.

Make a clear budget and manage your transactions if you are using a credit card

Using a credit card might be a pretty attractive thing when you do not have money in hand but this is not a good practice for your savings. If you are using a credit card at every point of time then make sure you have formulated a budget before the month and then stick to it. If you are spending more than your budget then only you will be benefited from this kind of a transaction is not a healthy practice that you should continue. Rather it is better to shift to a debit card which will help you to manage your monthly expenditure in a better way.

Credit cards can come handy at an emergency situation

There are some people who keep a credit card as a mode of an emergency backup. If they have been using a debit card for all general transactions and then keep the credit card for some limited transactions and something that they can use in emergency situations then it is definitely a good practice. This kind of use of a credit card should be appreciated as there might be a time when you will be in urgent need of money and then instead of asking from someone else you can simply use the credit card at that point in time to make the transaction. Thus, it is not true that credit cards can only have a negative impact on your budget.

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Taking Advantage Of Technical Articles In Driving The Sales Of Your Products

There are various ways of boosting the awareness of a newly introduced product to in-turn drive sales but the use of excellently written technical articles is many times underrated. First of all, a technical article is a detailed write-up about a technological product; explaining how it works, information about the product and relaying how the product can best be maximised by its users.


These kinds of product might include gadgets, machines etc. Therefore, in selling these ‘technical products' especially online (everyone sells online these days), the use of attractive and witty articles can help in inducing more customers to your website and in effect boosting orders.


While some business owners who use technical articles prefer to download them from the internet, it’s usually best if you can write them yourself. Now, take a look at some tips to aid you in writing simple but very attractive articles that can help increase your sales performance;

Get Familiar With The Product-

This is about the most important tip when it comes to writing quality technical articles or on even any other subject. You need to be in full control of the workings of the product. Researching about the technology gives you the confidence in writing about it in your own way. Similarly, familiarity with the product helps you know the benefits of using the product which you can then share with your audience. You also do not want your audience to get the feeling that what you’re writing about is not true and perhaps abstract. It’s very important to put yourself in their shoes while writing about the technology but that comes with knowing almost every detail about it. In the end, your purpose of writing is to ensure that they can see the need for buying that gadget or machine knowing exactly how it works.

Find Out What’s Trending And In Vogue-

There is need to keep yourself abreast of the latest technologies. Newer gadgets and stuff are constantly being released every day and the freaks are always looking to purchase the latest of them.

Let your readers into the soon-to-be released products. Get them yearning and waiting for their announcements. When your readers know that they can always get information about the latest and upcoming technologies, they would be stuck to your website.

Make Use Of Attractive Headlines-

There is so much stuff on the internet today that even technology freaks sometimes get confused on which to check out. However, your headline can cease their immediate attention if it’s catchy enough. Headlines are sometimes what make a surfer click on your article ahead of others. It creates an interest; further leading them into wanting to know more about the technology.

Engage Your Readers With The Use Of Visuals-

Like the English medium “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”, the use of beautiful and eye-catching pictures can be used in enhancing your articles.

People want to see what you’re talking about. They want to create imaginations and fantasize about the product. Seeing what the product looks like gives them a feeling of what it would look like when they eventually purchase it.

You can almost never get it wrong when you utilise clear and crisp pictures. If possible, short videos can as well be embedded.

Keep Your Article Simple-

There’s usually the temptation to fill your article with as much technical stuff as you can especially when you know the details of the product you’re writing about. However, you have got to understand that you are communicating with different sets of people at once. Besides, what’s the use of communication if the other party cannot make meanings of what you’re writing? It is important for them to understand totally what you are trying to pass on. Readers are usually happy when they can read about something and then go on to talk about it with confidence like they’re the manufacturers. Hence, make your article simple enough to be understood. Avoid the use of excessive technical jargons and watch the reading traffic on your website increase significantly.

A Selection Of The Best Electric Razors According To Performance

One of the evidences of being an adult man is the growing of beards but however handsome they make the men look, they can become burdens when it comes to regular trimming.
We are certainly in the jet age with plenty of technological advancements across board; from cars to laptops and now mobile phones. Of course, technological sophistication has found its way to products as subtle as shaving razors which are now called Electric Shavers.
Electric Shavers can be used without shaving cream and then trimming can be done anywhere and anytime.
There are a number of Electric Razors available in the market, hence making a choice of which to buy can be a tad difficult. Here is a list of the best ten Electric shavers according to features, design and comfortability;

Remington R4-5150A Titanium Rotary Shaver-
The most conspicuous feature of this razor is the Pivot and Flex technology to help give you a classic and close shave.
It has got a fine design with three independent heads to contour the chin and jaw line. Also remarkable of the R4-5150A shaver is its ability to reach areas that can be quite difficult for ordinary razors to reach like the neck because of the pivoting neck.
Worthy of note is the quick charge feature where with just a 5-minute charge, you can use the razor for as long as one good shave..

Remington F5-5800A Rechargeable Foil Shaver-
If you like to grow your beards for as long as three days before you shave, then the Remington F5-5800A is well suited for you. This is because it uses the Interceptor Shaving Technology.
Like the Remington R4-5150A, the Pivot and Flex technology helps give you a close shave contouring effortlessly the angles of your face with its surgical steel foils.
It also has a washable design for easy cleaning and comes with a 60-minute cordless runtime with LED display.

Wahl 7060-700 Bump-free Shaver-
This Electric Razor caters for those with particularly sensitive skin and shaving allergies following its hypoallergenic gold foil feature.
It ensures that you have a bump-free shaving experience from your head through your face and neck and has got a patented dynaflex cutting system.
It can be used with cords or even cordlessly.

Wahl 5 Star 8547 Rechargeable Hypoallergenic Free Shaver-
This shaver does seem like an upgrade to the 8061 5 Star Electric Shaver. It’s remotely cordless, hence has to be charged before use. However, when the shaver is fully charged, it can be used for long periods.
Its hypoallergenic gold foil gives you a comfortable shaving experience free of bumps and other shaving allergies.

Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade Rechargeable-
This is one of Panasonic’s highly placed electric razors. Its four ultra-sharp nanotech blades gives you that precise, quick and close shave.
It’s waterproof, hence can be used with a cream or gel; even if in a bathtub. It also means it can be washed, rinsed and kept renewed after usage.
Whether you have a moustache or a thick beard, it’s inbuilt pop-up trimmer helps give you that comfortable shaving experience. Similarly, the Linear motor drive ensures consistent power all through the battery span for thorough and even shave.

Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver-
The Braun 340s is about the flagship razor of the Braun 3 series. It’s specially designed for Men who like to shave their own way and at their pace and time.
Its triple action float system helps to trim long and short beards efficiently while guaranteeing an irritation-free shave.
You can not go wrong with its inbuilt Sensofoil technology which glides through your skin easy and smooth.

Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch-
With this electric razor, you get a clean and comfortable shave especially with its Dual precision feature.
Its lift and cut system is able to cut even below your skin level. It can be operated cordless which affords you the ease of shaving anywhere and anytime.

Panasonic ES8103S Men's 3-Blade (Arc 3)-
The Panasonic ES8103s razor is similar to the Panasonic 4-blade razor in that they both come in nanotech blades. However, the former does come with 3 ultra-sharp Stainless Steel blades as well as an ultra-thin foil to smoothly shave through the tighter areas of the skin.
Its pivoting head sails easily through the skin, thus giving you a pleasant and consistent shave.

Braun Series 7- Pulsonic Shaver System-
The Braun Series 7 is the latest electric shaving razor from Braun.
The Pulsonic technology with 10,000 micro vibrations helps capture a lot more hair with just one stroke; so you don’t have to stroke one spot more than once.
The Braun 7 series combines the latest technology and design of the modern razor and is very user friendly. It adapts well to the skin and reduces the risks of allergies and irritations following its powerful linear motor feature.


Philips Norelco 1150X SensoTouch 2D-

This revolutionary electric razor from Philips is outstanding and easy to use. It utilises the Gyroflex 2D’s two-dimensional technology which moves through in a circular motion and can bend inwards to avoid pressure on the skin and minimalise irritations, giving you a close shave. It also makes your shave comfortable with its wet-dry feature and like some of the other electric razors described above, it can be operated cordless. Get in with the trend! Make your shave burden-free and addictive by purchasing any of the electric razors described above.


It Permanently Erases The Possibility Of Buddy Punching

With security devices where the visitors or employees have to punch the clock time, there’s usually the setback of buddy punching where employees cooperate to punch the time on behalf of one another when they’re late or absent.
However, with the visitor management system, that possibility is virtually eliminated as it captures only the facial details to grant access.

It Has Got A Rapid Response Time-

You do not have to worry about a complicated process in authenticating the access of individuals into the premise especially if it’s an organisation.
The Visitor Management system completes its matching process in less than 10 seconds, therefore no valuable time is wasted in using the device.

It Comes With An Extra Alarm Feature-

The extra alarm feature helps to alert everyone in the building when a person who has been set as a lower priority individual revisits. Of course, the alarm has to be set to rank the different priority of individuals who revisit the building.

You do not have to get apprehensive whenever there’s an unexpected visit at your premise. Make the Visitor Management system your preferred security device and sleep easy

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